The Science

The Science

CBD 101

1. Intro

Welcome to our mini-series on CBD. Scroll down to find the topics that interest you or watch them all to become an expert!

2. Why CBD in Skincare?

There’s no shortage of CBD skincare products these days. Have you wondered why it’s there to begin with?

3. The Types of Cannabis

Confused by what’s cannabis vs. hemp vs. marijuana? Watch for the definitive guide.

4. All About Cannabinoids

Think it’s just CBD and THC? Think again.

5. Terpenes

These super compounds do more than give hemp its distinct aroma.

6. CBD Extracts

What’s the difference between CBD isolate, broad spectrum and full spectrum? We’ll give you a hint: it’s big.

7. How to Read a Lab Report

Don’t believe what you’re told. Reading the COA (certificate of analysis) or lab report is the ONLY way to know what you’re getting.

8. Nano-encapsulation

Everyone claims they invented it. We didn’t. But here’s why we use it.

9. Other Ingredients

Healthy skincare is about way more than CBD alone.

10. CBD x NTY

CBD is in each of our products for a very specific reason, and you might be surprised to learn why.

11. An Oil For All Day

The secret to our oil is about much more than CBD.

12. A Mask For Night

Think symphony, not solo.

13. A Balm For Lips

Quite possibly the last lip balm you’ll ever need.

14. A Facial Cleanser For Anytime

Wonder why we include CBD in a cleanser that gets washed off?

15. A Cream For Relief

Our relief cream is in a class all its own. There’s NTY, then everyone else.

16. Wrapping Up


The Science of Skincare


Yes, our night mask separates! We would much rather give our product a stir than include an ingredient we don’t need.

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Not one, or two, or three – but four types. Can you name them all?

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Vitamin C

What do electrons have to do with Vitamin C and skincare? It’s all in the science!

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