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Gender, race and sexuality should never divide us.
That’s why our range of skincare products are made
with love and care for… everybody. Radical, right?

Our CBD-infused skincare range

We believe passionately that, deep down, there is truly so little that divides people. And even on the surface, our skin doesn’t make us different - it’s what makes us all the same.


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Clearly, we’re huge advocates for CBD. But that doesn’t mean we’re
fans of the way lots of CBD is being offered. Too many CBD products
don’t meet the quality standards and honesty we’d expect. No, Thank
You is here to remedy that.

Don’t just take our word for it...

“Such an incredible product to integrate into your daily routine! I've been using it to target sun/dark spots, following up with a thick layer of moisturizer to reverse damage!”


“I tried NTY relief cream for one week and immediately saw an improvement in areas that were feeling painful. My favorite part about using the cream was the sensation left behind after applying, you can really feel it!”

Dennis Lurlay

“Amazing! I do a lot of manual labour as part of my job so prone to repetitive strain injuries and associated aches and pains. This provides instant relief allowing me to rest up without the pain. Use it regularly on my wrists and forearms and works wonders! Smells incredible and last a good couple of hours too meaning it’s also great value!”

Mark Anderson

“Amazing product! It smelled great and worked quickly! I used it for my cramps and it decreased pain in under 20 minutes. I was able to comfortably get my day started! I also loved the scent, it smelled minty and that made me feel more comfortable applying it before work as it was still discrete!”


“This product is absolutely amazing! It has relieved the pain and tightness I have felt in my legs since surgery, and is the first thing I rub on my legs, knees and feet before I get out of bed. I recommend this product to everyone.”


“I recently tried this product out, and really enjoyed it! I applied it before bed, and washed it off when I woke up. My skin was so soft and supple! Honestly, a little goes a long way and it didn’t leave my face feeling sticky at all. It’s now definitely become part of my nightly routine. Love love love.”


“I absolutely adore this product. I have been lucky to deal with relatively clear skin for the majority of my life, but in the last few years have started to have really harsh reactions to new products, particularly vitamin C serums (and I would spend months dealing with reactions thinking my skin was purging). I would have major break outs with other products that would look like a rash all over my face. I also have started dealing with extremely dry and flakey skin and this product has addressed both of these major concerns. I had no adverse reactions to the product (a first in a long time!), the oil locks in so much moisture, and my skin has continued to stay clear and dewy. This product is amazing and will 100% be part of my skin care routine.”


“Definitely helping my dry hands!”

Eileen B.

“I have to say I was very satisfied with the Vitamin C Serum. I wanted to try it out to see if it would’ve helped with acne. It slowed it down but didn’t get rid of it. The biggest benefit from the serum for me was it help the acne scars heal and vanish way faster than any other facial product I’ve used. Also the smell of it is incredible. Loved it. Definitely intend to keep using it.”

Frank H.

“Very nice”

John Goncalves

“This was my first time using a CBD cream, and I was more than satisfied! I applied the cream using two fingertips, and gently applied it to my pain areas. Make sure you don’t use too much, since the scent is strong. You don’t want to smell like a walking peppermint the entire day. Within seconds, I felt the tingling sensation. After a couple days of use, the pain in my knees reduced significantly, especially while running.”

Bryce Lennon

“Really love this product! It’s super hydrating and makes my skin feel so smooth afterwards. It isn’t sticky like other serums, and has a really nice earthy smell to it. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the decrease in redness in my face and overall complexion!”

Tandia Termuende

“I’ve had trouble with my skin for as long as I can remember and this is the first cleansing product that my skin has ever tolerated. Usually I feel the need to rinse my face 5 or 6 times a day but with this my skin feels clean, refreshed all day without making it dry. Visibly, my skin is unlikely to ever improve but I cannot put a price on how much better I feel in my own skin since I started using this.”

Lucy Goodwin

“I’ve been using the relief balm for about 5days. And applying it twice a day. The relief has lasted approximately, 2hrs each time applied. You definitely, can feel immediate activation of menthol working when applied. Smells good, and is smooth in texture. Overall, the result were Fair.”

William Harris

“It works so quickly on my pain!”

Eileen B.