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Gender, race and sexuality should never divide us.
That’s why our range of skincare products are made
with love and care for… everybody. Radical, right?

Our CBD-infused skincare range

We believe passionately that, deep down, there is truly so little that divides people. And even on the surface, our skin doesn’t make us different - it’s what makes us all the same.


CBD: Our



Clearly, we’re huge advocates for CBD. But that doesn’t mean we’re
fans of the way lots of CBD is being offered. Too many CBD products
don’t meet the quality standards and honesty we’d expect. No, Thank
You is here to remedy that.

Don’t just take our word for it...

“I love the way this feels - not sticky, slick or heavy, and it doesn’t get all over my clothes. A little also goes a long way! It makes my skin feel youthful and bright. ”


“Smells great, love it”

Oliver Yemm

“It's like an elixir for my skin! My face loves this oil. I like how deep and easily it absorbs, all while leaving no greasy or oily finish. I was worried about the hemp smell at first, but it fades quickly and just leaves my face feeling fresh and well hydrated. I have combination skin, and I apply more liberally on the dry areas, thankfully a little goes a long way.”


“Smells great, love it”

Oliver Yemm

“I haven't had any body (or head) aches to try it on yet - knock on wood - but it works wonders on mosquito bites. Almost instantly, no itch, no pain, I'm hooked!”


“I love this serum! I found it was really beneficial for healing any red spots and left my skin feelings overall more hydrated and bright.”

Elizabeth Stewart-Bain

“Great medium weight lipbalm, leaves lips feeling soothed and smells very nice.”

Ashley H.

“I absolutely adore this product. I have been lucky to deal with relatively clear skin for the majority of my life, but in the last few years have started to have really harsh reactions to new products, particularly vitamin C serums (and I would spend months dealing with reactions thinking my skin was purging). I would have major break outs with other products that would look like a rash all over my face. I also have started dealing with extremely dry and flakey skin and this product has addressed both of these major concerns. I had no adverse reactions to the product (a first in a long time!), the oil locks in so much moisture, and my skin has continued to stay clear and dewy. This product is amazing and will 100% be part of my skin care routine.”


“My favorite product! This soothes my skin after a long day of braving the elements. When I wake up, I’m so pleased because my skin feels soft, supple and refreshed. This is a definite staple.”


“Been using this product for two weeks now and I love it! personally have sensitive and dry skin there for most products make me break out and or I pair with a moisturizer but this product helped even out my skin, and keep it hydrated throughout the day without making my skin look oily.”


“Really love this product! It’s super hydrating and makes my skin feel so smooth afterwards. It isn’t sticky like other serums, and has a really nice earthy smell to it. I’ve noticed a huge difference in the decrease in redness in my face and overall complexion!”

Tandia Termuende

“Such an incredible product to integrate into your daily routine! I've been using it to target sun/dark spots, following up with a thick layer of moisturizer to reverse damage!”


“Wonderful, soothing product. I have sensitive skin and this was non-irritating and moisturizing. Great addition to my skincare routine”

Ashley H.

“I have been on a search to find a CBD relief cream for some time. I have tried many different ones, from drug stores brands to high end, By far this is is one of the best relief creams out there! ”


“Loved this product, my skin felt amazing the next day when i woke up. ”

Oliver Yemm